Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Agent 160 in Belfast ...the story so far...

Vittoria Cafolla Writes:

I'm proud to be a part of Agent160. I feel there is a real need for this company's existence. (Why? see here) I have been talking a lot with theatre people over here, about the insanity that is the 17% figure. (In case this is your first time reading this blog- Only 17% of the work produced in the UK on our stages is by women. Crazy, especially since women make up over half of the theatre going population AND the population as a whole.)

Not only that, but there has also been much talk recently about this and in the US, people doing this:

It seems like there might be a bit of a revolution going on.

It feels like people are starting to notice.

Getting this show on the road has been, well interesting to say the least. We were lucky a while ago to get some funding from Belfast City Council. We have been welcomed by the Black Box, and given an amazing amount of in-kind help by them. Belfast Festival at Queen's gave us some money as well. In the meeting I had with the Festival they told me they are very excited by the companies ethos, the writers, the workshop and the panel we have set up, (By the way, Hanna from Tinderbox rocks)

We’ve loyal directors, stage hands & soundmen all on board for the love of the idea behind the company, and the great plays that they have to play with. Including work from Ioanna Anderson,Vittoria Cafolla, Clare Duffy, Sarah Grochala, Lisa Parry and Morna Pearson. We put out a casting call and had to add 3 hours of extra slots, as demand for auditions was so high.

And it came to me that we were very lucky to have so much support. I feel like this has been a long time coming, but that it's right. That our time is not only now, but that if we help make a dent in that 17% figure, it'll not only be for us, but for all the new female writers coming up.

We have been fund-raising here: At the moment, we are around £500 off our target, with less than a week to go.

Thank you so much to everyone who has added to the pot so far: some of you don't even live in Belfast, or will see the shows. It's incredible. Two of you are anonymous, again, thank you! Its hard to express how grateful we are. We are not quite there yet: we would love if you could support us with even a quid! If you do (I really hope that this doesn't sound patronizing)

I just hope that you realise, that when you donate, you are playing a role in helping us, as a company, to get that 17% figure up. And I'm hoping it gives you the same fuzzy glow and sense of pride, that it gives us.

Please, please, please help get us to Belfast.

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