"There is work here that is well worth seeing, and which belies the outdated notion that women only write domestic plays” - Lyn Gardner, Guardian
"Agent 160 don’t do things by halves” - Neil Cooper, The Herald

"Agent 160 has a beautifully simple theatrical agenda" - Joe Nawaz, Belfast Telegraph

Agent 160 is a writer-led theatre company that produces work from its female playwrights, based across the UK. In 2010, Sphinx Theatre Company hosted a conference where it was revealed just 17 per cent of produced work in the UK is written by women. We want to add to this, practically addressing the production and commissioning gender imbalance.
We don’t campaign: we just write about what we want to write about, refusing to be pigeon-holed by our gender, age, class, sexuality or location.
Aphra Behn - the first woman to earn her living as a playwright - was also a spy. Her codename was Agent 160.
We launched in February 2012 and our work has been staged in Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow and London.
We have 15 writer-members and our patrons are Sharon Morgan, Kaite O’Reilly and Timberlake Wertenbaker.
If you would like to support Agent 160, please email info@agent160theatre.co.uk. For more information about our members and work, please visit www.agent160theatre.co.uk.

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