Friday, 19 September 2014

Play Titles and Quotes

With just 15 days to go, we're currently offering teasers from our scripts over on Twitter and Facebook, so keep checking our pages for insights! Rehearsals have begun, chats between writers and directors are taking place and we have a great design we can't wait for you to see!

We also have play titles which is really exciting. They're listed below next to our playwrights' names to whet your appetites still further. We can't wait for you to see our work.

  • Poo Karma and Arctic Exploration - Sandra Bendelow
  • Custard Slice Eaters - Sam Burns
  • An Extraordinary Woman - Vittoria Cafolla
  • Red Heart - Poppy Corbett
  • LLOND BOL - Branwen Davies
  • John Grace - Abigail Docherty
  • Inge - Clare Duffy
  • This Time I Win - Samantha Ellis
  • Little Mermaid - Sarah Grochala
  • SHIDAN - Sharon Morgan
  • A Mother’s Heart - Lisa Parry
  • UNARMED /HEB ARF - Marged Parry
  • Purple and Green -  Kaite O’Reilly
  • Sunday Morning, Dandelion Seeds - Lindsay Rodden
  • Frequency Hopping with the Ecstasy Girl - Shannon Yee

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