Saturday, 25 February 2012

Final Tour Blog

Artistic Director Lisa Parry writes:
This blog will be posted when I'm back home, after we've tweeted and blogged about the main points of the last Q&A session. I'm currently on a train south. Most of the company is now back home and hopefully catching up on sleep after a hectic week.

Our launch show has certainly been ambitious. During it, we have:
  • covered 1,000 miles
  • played three theatres
  • worked with seven actors, four directors and staged the work of twelve writers (using three different languages)
  • hosted three debates about female playwriting
  • sparked a national debate about gender thanks to the Guardian's coverage, whilst also engaging with hundreds of people via twitter, facebook and this blog
Agent 160 Theatre Company is now up and running. We're going to take a couple of weeks to reflect and then start making plans for the future. Do keep checking back for updates - the tour is over, but we're still here and will be blogging and tweeting away. Also, keep looking at our website for information on upcoming work from us and our writers.

From me and from the company - a big thank you for reading our blogs so far and for all your support. 

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