Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Tour

Artistic Director Lisa Parry writes:
This blog comes to you courtesy of the East Coast Mainline's wifi service. We've played Chapter in Cardiff, Theatre503 in London and the company is currently on its way to The Arches in Glasgow. Agent 160 Presents Agent 160 is in full steam and gearing up for leg three of the tour.

Actor Matthew Bates and writer Vittoria Cafolla rehearsing The Last Word

We've all been blown away by the support we've received so far - in terms of people coming, tweets and facebook messages. The work of our seven actors has been truly astounding and they're a real joy to watch. Audiences are leaving the theatre during the interval and after the show singing their praises, as well as praising the writers and also the different directors. Several people I don't know have enthusiastically ambushed me in the bar after the show at each venue and after each night. I really can't put into words how proud I am of everyone.

The Q&As have also been a success. I'm going to do another blog post about that (possibly on this train journey if the signal stays strong). After the Welsh and English one, I'm really looking forward to the Scottish one. The questions have been thought-provoking and we're really chuffed that we've been able to bring people who couldn't make the shows into the Q&As too, thanks to our live twitter feed.

If you're in or near Glasgow, then do come along to the final two shows at The Arches. Booking details are here.  It'd be fantastic to see you. We're all really looking forward to arriving in Scotland and bringing our work to another audience.

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